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Monday, November 08, 2004

It Was a Lovely Weekend

It's a strange thing about weekends. Many people don't enter anything in their blogs over the weekends, but I've noticed that is when I get my best ideas.

Like this past weekend. It was sunny but brisk outside, and we had work to do, clearing away where the chicken coop had been, and moving leaves around -- that's all you really do, you know.

But I did indulge in one of the things that makes my life worth getting up in the morning. I made twelve quilt blocks. These were nine-patches for a swap. We were instructed to use a fabric that evoked our home area. I'd made one trip to the fabric shop and hadn't found anything that said "Tennessee!" But on my second trip Friday afternoon, the perfect fabric jumped out at me.

It's a funny thing about quilting. No quilt it perfect. It is hard to even make one block perfect. I had to tear all my strips apart and resew them because they were that little bit too skinny. Then they went together more easily. But the thing is, they are not all perfect.

Life lesson: The individual pices of you life might not be perfect, but then when they are all put together, they become beautiful.


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