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Monday, November 29, 2004

It was a BIG Step!

Yesterday I bit the bullet and bought a digital camera. They are pricey, compared to the Kodak Brownie I started out with lo many years ago. But we need it.

My son does reviews of models of the cars and planes he makes for a modelers magazine. I make quilts, and people are always asking me for pictures when I have books come out, or when I have some promotion going. I don't like having my picture taken, but at least this will be a lot more, shall we say, adaptable.

So expect a picture or two on here soon.

In other news, I've begun retyping a book I wrote in 1982 and which came out in 1983. The rights reverted to me a few years back. Whereas the other books I did for that company were on diskette and all I had to do was "translate" and edit, my first published book was typewritten on the aforementioned Smith Corona behemoth.
Many years have gone by, and I don't have a manuscript to go by, so I have to use a badly yellowed copy of the book and magnify it so that I can type from it. Oh, well, I've been blind before and it's no big thing.


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