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Friday, November 19, 2004

Tomorrow is a Big Day!

Our turkey is done, and the made-outside-the-bird dressing is in the oven, its top being toasted by the heat left over from the baking. Three pumpkin pies are in the refrigerator.

Now the fun begins. Tomorrow morning we will go up to the church at nine and begin paring potatoes. Last year, three 50-lb boxes of "bakers" were donated. They were the most beautiful potatoes I've ever seen. (Take this from someone who is allergic to white spuds in the first place.) Of the whole hundred pounds we pared, only half of one potato had to be discarded. The other fifty pounds were donated to a charity food pantry and they were glad to get them.

At 3 o'clock, the food that people have prepared at home will be brought to the church and meals for shut-ins and needy families will be assembled to be delivered. The deliveries will start at 3:30. The in-church serving will begin at 4:00 and go until 8:00, or when the food runs out. Then we'll clean up and go home to collapse.

Now, here is an irony. We have a new minister, and he teaches Bible study one Sunday a month. This Sunday happens to be it. Since he is a bachelor (for another month, at least) we have a covered dish pot luck on the Sunday evenings he teaches. Heaven help anyone who brings a turkey hot dish!


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