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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The "Used" Bread store

As retirees, we have a very limited budget, so we go to a bread outlet store, which someone called the "used bread store" and the name has stuck within the family and our circle of friends. We've been going there for eight years, and know the woman who manages it well enough to take her little preesents sometimes, and she brought us a souvenier from her vacation.

When they gave a free loaf of bread to senior citizens (which included my husband but not me at the time) on Wednesdays, we went on Wednesdays. They changed their promotion to something of Tuesdays. We discussed the situation and changed our social schedule to go on Tuesdays. Just now they are closing out a coupon program, so I won't have to remember to pick up the local promo booklets at the grocery store.

But I'm sort of off balance, wondering if the next promotion will invovle another change in schedule. After all, the people in the grocery store expect us on Thursday mornings. The whole town might be effected if we have to make a major change.


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