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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Non-political Bias (Honest!)

Yesterday a miracle happened. Background first.

I took an unfinished quilt from the large hoop so that I can put another quilt on it. It's no great problem -- the quilt is just a scrap quilt, and it will join the other two (and a half) quilts on our bed, now that it is getting cold here in the mountains.

I have a book that tells me just how much fabric I need to cut bias to go around a quilt -- big chart, dull reading, but I have done so many batches of bias that the book automatically opens to the page. So why not buy the bias already cut? Because the fabric is not as nice and the colors rarely match.

It's a very techical process -- cut, sew, cut, press, sew and sew some more. So what was the miracle?

For the first time in twenty years of making bias for almost two hundred quilts, it came out perfect! The last little bit was exactly the same width as the first!

The quilt itself may be a mess, but the bias binding the edge is perfect!


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