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Monday, January 31, 2005

Have You Ever Read an E-Book?

You might not think so, but if you've been around computers very long, you may well have. The early programs had extensive instructional material with them -- some may still today -- and since the operator of the computer read them onscreen, they could be thought of as electronic books.

But right now, you can have a book e-mailed to you, and you can read it on your computer, your PDA, maybe even your cell phone.

I write romances, and you can get some of them on a site that is devoted to files that can be read on a Palm Pilot. If you have some other platform to read on, such as your computer, you can go to Fictionwise, the premiere site for e-books and find a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction there. My publishers, Hard Shell and Awe-Struck have a wide variety of their own publications on their sites.

You can pay for the books with your PayPal or credit card, and in many instances have the book in your inbox almost instantaneously. YOucan do the whole transaction in your jammies and slippers!


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