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Friday, January 21, 2005

The Dog Ate My blog, Again

Yesterday I vented all my ill-feelings about the Inaguration in a long, angst- and anger-filled blog. I must have said a forbidden word, because it wouldn't post. Which doubled my anger, or tripled it, because the day before I made a garment for myself that didn't fit, and was also angry at myself.

As if it does any good for me to be angry at anyone. Not even my family takes me seriously. Mom's in a snit? Haha!

So today's garment is not going to be as much trouble -- at least I don't think so. A little complicated, but I rise to the challenge. Do you suppose any of the women at the balls last night made their own dresses? Ha! I feel superior -- because I could have, and I have the yardage to do it!


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