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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Continuing From Yesterday

Sorry, I haven't come up with an URL, but I am assured that Reader software for the GameBoy and a program to convert txt into .gb files are available open source and compiled on the web, for free -- exact quote from someone who knows computers. You might be able to track it down with a little sleuth work.

What interests me is that the cartridge is 256 MB. Someone said that she can hold 25 books on a device that has 8MB. Now, my math is not my strong subject, but I think that means a GB equipped with such a cart could hold 800 books...a ton of books...more than a year's worth.

But if you could get kids text books onto a GameBoy, we would not see children having back trouble from carrying books home.

Did you know the latest thing in Japan is reading on text-enabled cellphones. This is going to ba an area where school texts maybe be available.

Don't we live at a wonderful time!


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