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Friday, March 04, 2005

Flight or Fight?

I've asked one of the lists I'm on for information and suggestions about my trip next week, mostly focusing on surviving airport security.

I guess the best bit I've gotten is to cut down on any unnecessary metal, all sharp things, etc.

Has this country gone mad? Did you see the segment on the news on CBS last night that the inspectors in most cases have not had the required 3 hours of retraining every week that they are supposed to have? Most had only the training given when they were hired, and nothing since! They don't really know what they are looking for!

And the airlines have cut back everything they possibly can just to save money and keep flying. We have to take our own food. One of the legs of my flight says they will serve a snack. What? A bag of peanuts? How about the airline that served a dinner -- and no silverware, even plastic?

Well, I just went out and bought a sports bra. Ha!


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