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Friday, March 25, 2005

So Many Weeds, So Little Time

It's nice enough to day to get out and weed. We started a lot of new flower beds last year, an ambitious project to make the yard more colorful. We had some success, but the test is having plants come back another year. Our winter wasn't bad, so there is hope.

But there are also weeds! Most of the places where we planted the perennials and the bushes were originally lawn, and not neat lawn where every blade is grass. No, we had weeds, persistent weeds that spread their roots and seeds and want to take over every bit of earth they can.

There is something that can be done, And I think we did it! We planted monarda, a strain of mint, and mint is a plant that, once established, becomes invasive on its own. Look out weeds, the monarda is on your case!


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