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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Under Orders to Blog

I didn't blog yesterday because nothing much was happening. But today my son has ordered me to blog. Not much happened today, either, but what did happen was unusual.

My husband does odd jobs for the woman who lives up the hill behind us. Today he was putting a tarp over a gable frame attached to her house, for the purpose of sheltering her lawnmower.

Rashly, I said I'd help. I didn't know it would involve ladders. Luckily it didn't involve me going up on the roof, even though it was only one story. It did, however, involve me using knitting techniques and Girl Scout knots to secure rope through grommits and around aluminum pipe. You never know when those homely crafts will come in handy.

That tarp isn't going anywhere unless the house blows down!


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