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Monday, June 06, 2005

I Love Church Picnics!

Yesterday was Homecoming at our church. We go to a little country church within sight of our house, and on a good Sunday, we have fifty people there. My husband and I are the "new people" in the congregation -- not related to anyone else and only going there for nine years.

Homecoming is something else. Back before we built the pavilion, the food was put out on two haycarts -- one for the food and one for the desserts. It seems that I am the only woman who goes to the church who doesn't think she personally must feed everyone there.

My husband and I make a big dish of pasta salad, with both mostaccoli and rotini, whatever veggies are handy, and his special three-cheese dressing. My specialty is Monkey Bread, hopefully made gooey by the humidity, which was not lacking yesterday.

We've had a new minister for about a year, and he is no slacker at eating. He particularly likes my Monkey Bread. When I noticed no one had taken any from the platter, I took the platter to him, and even though he protested that he was saving it for dessert, he took two pieces.

There was a young girl sitting near him. "Oh! Is that Monkey Bread?" she asked. I held the platter so she could get a piece.

Now I think I've made a convert to the Church of the Monkey Bread!


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