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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Where We Went Wrong

I've recently heard of some youngsters -- teenagers and slightly older -- who have done things that have deeply worried their parents. How could they do such a thing -- or things!

I think I know. There was a period in our social history when we were afraid to be overbearing in our parenting duties. We were being inundated by advice that we shouldn't be too adamant about church attendance and manners and consideration of others. The kids would follow our examples and turn out all right anyway.

Wrong! We didn't know how pervasive the drug culture was going to become. We didn't know what the movies and books and television were going to glamorize. Now there are a lot of young adults -- and even middle-aged people who are trying to navigate without a moral compass. And I for one am worried about them. For some it is already too late to turn things around. Some of them have hurt more than just themselves.

Although there is a strong evangelical movement throughout the country, it may be too little too late, and it may be misdirected and misrepresented.


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