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Monday, May 22, 2006

Time Does Fly

It was ten years last week that my son and I moved into this house -- Husband joined up in December when the contract he was working on was up. This is technically the second longest period of time I've lived in one place. I don't count the college years when I had the same home address, but was living somewhere else.

So I was looking around at all the changes we've made, mostly out of necessity. The chicken coop is gone, the mimosa tree died, and so did a chestnut. And apple tree and a peach tree have been whacked into submission. I've moved living things around to cut down as much as possible on the grass to be mowed, but somehow Husband hasn't grasped the idea that grass isn't really a good thing.

There isn't much you can do with a house that has parts that are 130 years old. You just try to tell grandchildren not to gallump on the dining room floor.

Even Miss Ruby, our resident ghost, has calmed down and made peace with us. So I guess maybe we'll stay a while.


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