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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Life Is Just a Bowl of Chili

My husband and I just finished building a pot of chili. Our recipe and method are unique, as I suppose every chili recipe is. It has evolved over time to satisfy the discerning tastes of our family.

It took a long time for my husband to succumb to adding Tabasco sauce. He started out using four drops. Now he is up to six. At least that is what he says. This is the first time I have actually witnessed him in the ritual adding of the Tabasco, but I could have sworn he put in more than six drops.

Eighteen months ago, when there was a display of Tabasco at the Save-A-Lot, he decided to get a reserve bottle. Today I observed that he might consider breaking it out. The liquid he used seemed awfully clear, having left a corola of solids inside the shoulder of the bottle. What is in there is nowhere near as colorful as the unopened bottle. Perhaps he doesn't think the new bottle is sufficiently aged, but I'll bet any coupons in the box are out of date by now.

My husband was pretty much horrified that I told this blog what he gave me for my birthday, and he will probably think I'm giving away his secret chili ingredient.
But you can't drag it out of me! No1 Not for all the Tabasco in Lousianna!


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