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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

Last night it rained. The wind blew! Things went bump!

We live in an old house. We have no reliable information about when the center of the house was built, but the "new" part was built in 1900. Usually it is pleasant to lie in bed under three quilts and listen to the gentle rain on the tin roof.

Last night, it was bumpy. We have two large maple trees that stand about twenty feet from the end of the porch. Over the years they have grown together so if one falls, they both will, and the prevailing wind will probably encourage them to crush the porch, the two bedrooms and maybe more. It gives one pause.

What maintained my sanity through the onslaught of rain, wind and flying objects? I have a new, very nice set of wind chimes hanging on the porch, and they played merrily through the storm, encouraging me to believe that everything would be all right.

And it is. I look at the winds of winter as God's way of pruning the trees.


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