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Friday, December 24, 2004

There's Something To Be Said...

I worked hard the last few weeks -- well, as hard as I ever work now that I'm old and retired, -- at to get things done by last night. The 23rd of December is always the Christmas Program at church. It's not Broadway, but we can usually get a laugh out of it, and a sniff and a shadow of a tear.

Then this morning, we took some goodie bags to people, got the car gassed up and came home through almost deserted streets and roads. At home, we made a batch of chili for dinner tonight.

Now there isn't a blessed thing to do! Nothing! Just sit around, listen to the radio and watch the fireplace -- maybe take a nap. No company coming. Nothing to wrap. No place to go.

Hm...taking a nap seems like an attractive option.


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