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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Make Money with a Blog?

I just read part of an article about advertising and making money writing a blog. Ha! Sounds like an impossibility to me, but then, what do I know? I never thought I'd ever make any money writing novels -- and I didn't make very much. Not that the money didn't come in handy, but it wasn't enough to live the high life. Living the high life when you have three kids of college age is an illusion, anyway.

But I'm just wondering (1) if anyone reads my blog, (2) if anyone is curious about my ebooks and print books that are available on the Net, and (3) if anyone would actually go to any of the sites, buy one of my books and read it. All because they read my blog.

I write romances, sweet romances -- the ones that have a happy-ever-after ending. Not the ones you'd be afraid of your kids catching you reading. I've tackled some tough subjects, too. One heroine was in the ending stages of recovering from a cripplng accident. Another is a princess is exile who is called to lead an Eastern European country after the fall of Communism in 1991 -- okay, so no such thing happened, but writers each have their own universes.

So--would you go looking for THE HARDEST STEP or ONCE AGAIN A PRINCESS?

You can even read an excerpt before you decide. I'd really like to know if you go to my publishers' websites and if you like what you see there, not just of my books, but other authors'.


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