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Monday, December 13, 2004

The Dog Ate My Blog!

Actually, I wanted to save my Friday blog in the Draft file -- then I had no idea where to look for the drafts...ah, well, as if it were deathless prose.

Last week was very busy, yesterday was very busy. I almost had the little girls' dresses done and tragedy struck! When I was cutting the hole in a buttonhole, my seamripper slipped and cut into the bodice. I fretted, I fumed I tried to patch, didn't like the patch, redid it. I still wasn't happy, but maybe it won't matter.

Last night was the church's Christmas dinner. We have it early so that it won't interfere with other eating events. ow, imagine a small country church that seats maybe 100 worshipers tops. We have an active membership of 50, and when the dinnerbell rings, a lot of them show up.

They figure they each need to feed the other 49 people from what they bring. It's not just one dish for each member of the family that is coming--it's two. And a dessert. It takes a separate 8-foot table for the desserts! The ten-foot table in one room was packed with three rows of the general food. A benefit for a near relative of some of our members was held the night before, and what food wasn't consumed at the benefit -- you guessed it!

So, yes, it will be Christmas before we're hungry again.


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