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Monday, January 17, 2005

Feeding The Masses

Well, it was only one mass, namely the family. Tomorrow is my husband's and my wedding anniversary. Forty-one years. So Friday our daughter called and said everyone was coming over for dinner yesterday.

The first issue was the definition of "everyone." Everyone could include a lot of people, because over the years several of our children's friends have sort of adopted us as extra parents. That makes a housefull! Luckily, that was not the case. This time it just meant daughter and her boyfriend, granddaughter and her boyfriend, grandson, and our younger son. The older son already lives with us.

Anyway, our house is not build for six extra people for dinner. It means clearing one of the commercial tables of detritus, rounding up more chairs, and clearing the menu with vegetarians and non-vegetarians. It's a wonder we survive.

But we do! We have conversations about what people are doing in their lives. Then we talk about places we've been, and people we've descended from. Surprisingly, the youngsters sometimes listen.

Then they all leave, and we remember everything we were planning to ask them about.

Thank God for email!


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