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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Rush Never Ends

I thought over my schedule for today and realized that it is really busy -- and I don't even intend to leave the house.

First, I am making a dress for a baby. No, not my own, not a grandbaby, just a little girl I've met and who has tugged my heart. I think I might make the pinafore that goes over it, too.

Yesterday a neighbor came by and dropped off three pairs of jeans for me to shorten. He tried to do one pair himself and says he lost about a gallon of blood by poking himself with the needle.

I have a blouse for myself started, but other things come up to push that project aside.

Then I have to work on transcribing BUILDING PASSION from the book to the computer, because it was written before computers and I want to have it republished in the next year or so. Of course, you can buy it on Amazon, but it would have a much wider audience if it could zip over the Internet. And I'd get paid for it again.


Blogger Lena said...

Good luck on the transcribing AND (early)Happy New Years!

10:54 AM  

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