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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

There is a Reason Why We Can Taste!

For the first time in my life, I have suffered through a cold that has laid waste my tastebuds. Oh, woe! What a dreary world I am living in!

Some experts will tell you that your tastebuds are a line of defense against eating spoiled food. That may be how they started out, but at some point, human beings became more discerning. They learned strawberries and olives, chili and lasagne, French vanilla and spumoni -- to say nothing of wine and Columbian coffee.

Now, for the fourth day running, I can't tell the difference. Mint tea tastes the same as plain water. The Buddy-Bar I had with lunch, usually a welcomed treat, tasted like cardboard. Oh, the pain of it! No peanut butter, no chocolate, no crisp wafer...I might as well be,, maybe not.

It dawned on me that another reason we can taste is so that we will eat enough food to sustain us. It is important to e-n-j-o-y food. I will remember that as the lesson I learned from this cold.

Now, if I can just curb my appetite so that I don't get my "love-handles" back, this can be a win-win situation!


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