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Thursday, January 13, 2005

I Feel Like Royalty

I love electronic publishing! We get our royalty checks every quarter for the previous quarter, rather than the way print publishers pay. They pay by the half-year and wait ninety days before getting out their abacuses.

Anyway, I got a check today. Not a big one. In fact, I'm pretty much disappointed with myself that I haven't done enough promotion to get a larger check.

But on the other hand, my other publisher has been working on the books and in announcing which books did well in the last quarter and last year, my book ONCE AGAIN A PRINCESS got a boost in November. The significance of that? Well, I started doing this blog late in October. ***Somebody*** might have read my references to my book and bought it. Thanks!

Okay, so this is how you find me: You can go to and search for Jane Bierce. I've got five books there, all or which you can get electronically, and some of them you can get in print. They are ONCE AGAIN A PRINCESS, TIME OF POSSESSION, DEARLY BELOVED, COLD NIGHT BEAUTY, and FINISHING TOUCH. You can read a chapter of each book for nuttin', nada, freebie! If you like collections of short stories, I have a story in MILLENIUM MAGIC.

Now that I have hit you over the head with my promotion, I'll give it a rest and maybe promote the books I have with another publisher next week.


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