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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Taking a Flyer

Last night I finally did it! I booked my flights to California for the EPIC Conference in Long Beach -- on the Queen Mary, no less!

I went into real stress over the process, after the mess that the airline industry went through this past holiday weekend. That was really ugly and gave the whole industry a black eye in my estimation. I really wanted to forget the whole thing. But that wasn't an option. See, I'm the President of EPIC. I have to be there!

It didn't help any that the discount sites I looked at were discouraging. The night before, I had picked out an itineray I thought would work -- only to find out last night that the price had gone up over $100! So my son got to work on the problem and found me an itinerary that was all on one airline, with fewer connections and was only about $50 more than the one I'd seen before. The disadvantages and advantages even out.

Now all I have to worry about it wardrobe -- and security!


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