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Monday, December 27, 2004

Post-Christmas Let-down

Our Christmas was very quiet. Yesterday's church service was sparsely attended, deserving of the nickname "Low Sunday." Not in the least unexpected.

But today has been wonderful so far. One of my closest friends brought her mother over to enjoy a "sewing day." We do these, but we never accomplish as much as we plan. For instance, I didn't plan to accomplish anything today -- and I wasn't disappointed.

While my friend's mother cut pieces for a block using a rotary cutter, cutting board and clear plastic ruler, my friend and I visited, giggled, and teased. I dug into my stash and found fabric for them to take home, pleased to give them lengths I knew they would be able to use.

No quilter who has done more than a little work has any illusions about doing everything she wants to do. There are always UFOs -- unfinished projects. Some outright failures. Some projects that lose their appeal.

But the friendships I've gained are much more valuable than any of the quilts I've made.


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