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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Blog Me Up, Scotty!

Yet a little more Blatant Self Promotion. Well, I'm trying to spread the Promo around among my fellow writers. In realizing that the best ways to promote romance ebooks are free, I'm starting a romance-readers/writers chat in a few days. More about that later.

It seemed to me that many of the established and newly-tried methods of promoting ebooks were missing the mark. Book signings? How do you sign something that zips through the Internet? Advertising in readers' magazines? People who read print magazines probably aren't ready to jump to ebooks. I appreciate refrigerator magnets, but my fridge looks like it's packed to walk out the door as it is.

So the best thing to do is put out the word that a bunch of romance writers will be on a certain site to chat at a certain time and hope that we have fun and someone decides to buy and ebook they've heard about. Now that sounds a little confined, doesn't it? But it seems to work.

Proof? I've mentioned a couple of my books here and there, and lo, an behold, the ones I've mentioned have climbed in the lists! (But then, it doesn't take much to make ebook authors happy!)

So I'm going to try it again. Anyone who would like to read a nice little book about a romance in a small town, look for my Hard Shell book, COLD NIGHT BEAUTY. Pay particular attention to the cover, as it is a quilt I made while I was writing the book.

About that chat? I'll tell you more next week.


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