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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

To Really Mess Up Takes a Computer!

In my last blog, I tried to make links, but they didn't work...I'll try to learn how to do it right. But most of you know how to Google or otherwise search for anything you want to find, anyway. So if you want to look for my ebooks -- or anyone else's -- you already know how.

But yesterday, after I read my morning mail, my ISP had trouble and we didn't get back on line until dinnertime. Unlike many people, I love my ISP.

I have been with them from the day I went online. They gave me a free website, as their contribution to encouraging someone in the arts. When we have a problem, we email them, and sometimes both guys respond. So for almost eight years I've referred people to them, and I'll continue to do so, because I believe in doing as much business locally as possible. But my heart did a couple lurches when, consulting the calendar, I saw it was the first of the month and thought perhaps -- just perhaps -- they had insurmountable problems.

Happily, no! And I surfed the net last night, pleasantly surprised that my books are climbing the charts. Wahoo!


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