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Monday, February 07, 2005

Guess What We Found!

There's a tool and garden shed on our property, built in the early 60's out of used materials, odds and ends. It's a very irregular shape and I often puzzled over why it has an attic. A relative of the woman who lived here at that time -- the man who built the shed (up to a point -- it surely isn't finished) said that part of the shed was supposed to be a smoke house. But the attic just became an out-of-sight place to put things.

Until today. My husband has been cleaning the shed out now and again for the last year or so, and finally he found something of interest, if not of value. An old, much used, spinning wheel. It looks awful, I have to admit. Where one leg once was there is something that looks like a broom handle. Another leg is broken. One spoke of the wheel looks like the termites had a picnic.

It's going to be lawn art.

Hm...the seat of the chair I was sitting on Saturday split (of old age, of course). I wonder if one of the requires some thought.


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