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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Life Following Art

Today when I was retyping the next-to-last chapter of BUILDING PASSION, my first novel to be published (1983--Harlequin American #15) so it can be republished as an ebook, I ran across something that still makes me laugh.

I wrote a scene where the heroine is incapacitated (run-in with a badguy) and her younger sister sets out to make a macaroni salad. The sister's boyfriend-du-jour is pretty helpful, showing some modest capabilites in the kitchen, but he criticises the sister's method of cutting the carrots for the salad.

Now, At the end of my daughter's junior, I had already (just!) sold the book. Daughter comes home with her b.f.-du-jour and decides to make -- you guessed it! -- macaroni salad. B.f.-du-jour is semi-helpful but more in the way. His major contribution to the process is -- you guessed it again -- criticizing the way she cut the carrots!

And they wondered why I was laughing my head off!


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