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Friday, July 08, 2005

This Will Curl Their Hair

I just took a survey about cosmetics -- what I have used in the last six months, the last three months, what I've bought, what brands I've used.

There was no place to mark "I could not care less!"

I had to search a drawer in the bathroom and get out the little bag I'd made to carry my cosmetics when I went to California last March, then find a magnifying glass to read the brand to enter.

Ha! I wear lipstick to church on Sunday if I remember it, but I usually don't. The last time I wore a full (by my standards) complement of makeup to church was our fortieth anniversary and we took cake to share with the congregation. I heard the woman behind me whisper to her grandmother, "She's wearing makeup!"

When everything has melted, or dried up, or separated, I'll try to remember to go back in the corner of the Dollar Store and look for a replacement. I can't remember a time I used something all up. I just don't care that much, and I never have. I've lived in places where wearing too much makeup branded you as a woman of loose morals -- and the standard of what was too much fluctuated.

So if you hear someone say that the cosmetics business is doing an El Foldo next season due to lack of interest, you'll know why!


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