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Monday, July 04, 2005

Things Could Be Worse!

The gnawing noises from the house foundation (and I use that term loosely) seem to have stopped. Today, my husband secured all but one ground-hog sized exit from the basement (another term I use loosely), and after some really weird noises from that region, we were rewarded with the apparent exit of the captive g.h. I say apparent, 'cause those little guys can reach amazing speed when they want to -- and I think he wanted to!

Over the weekend, we were reminded that things could have been worse. We don't live beside the pasture where a herd of beef cattle graze. The woman who lives there came over to ask us how to get hold of the absentee owner of the herd as one of the animals had died disturbingly near them, and they had no way of contacting the man. With the long weekend, she was not looking forward to enjoying a holiday with a rotting carcass there.

Luckily, with some research and talking to the right people at church, we got the situation solved for her.

Whew! It could have been a lot worse!


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