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Friday, July 01, 2005

Men's Day at the Dollar Store

We live a very limited (read: boring) social life, albeit, our daughter came over from Asheville for lunch yesterday and brought her kids over.

Friday is our day to go to the Dollar General store. Dandridge was a hard place to find anything before the Dollar Store came along -- now we have a Food City and a Family Dollar, too, but Dollar General is on our social calendar for Friday afternoons.

Today there were men all over the place! Most times when we go in there, my husband is the only man there. Oh, occasionally we'll run into the man next door when he's stocking the Doritos. (Living next door to him is not all that good for my diet, because I look out the window and see that billboard on the side of his truck and get cravings.)

Okay, so the men were mostly older, or a bit unkempt, but since there were women in the store who were of a certain age, too, I got to thinking: Is the Dollar Store taking over as the meeting place for singles. Has the Produce Department at Food City lost its allure?


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