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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Thoughts On Summer Chores On A Hot Day

It's hot today! We live in the country in a house with lots of shady trees, and here it is usually about ten degrees cooler than at McGee-Tyson Airport, Knoxville or Oak Ridge. But not today. The sun has been beating down on us almost all the time, and although there is a bit of a breeze at time, it is uncomfortable to work outside for any length of time.

We collect rain water in a barrel under the downspout. I take water out of it to water my flowers, but it means carrying the water from one side of our big yard to th other -- many trips if I water everything. It's amazing how much water we collect from the average shower, but in hot weather is isn't going to be enough.

What I have yet to figure out in over sixty years of gardening it this: How is it that weeds grow and flourish even though I don't water them? Flowers droop and drop their petals, but the weeds keep going!

I guess that is why they are weeds.


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