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Friday, June 10, 2005

It's About Time I Sold Some Books!

I haven't promoted my books for a while. And consequently, I didn't get one of my royalty checks this quarter. Granted, I did get a check from one publisher, so things aren't at a total standstill.

But just to remind you, I write romances that are published primarily in electronic form -- ebooks. You can read them on your computer, your laptop, your PDA -- even your Gameboy if you get the adapting program. There are dedicated handheld readers, too -- like the old Rocket and its descendents.

So I'm going to tell you that I'd really like for you to look into the books I have published by Hard Shell Word Factory. Anyone who can find my blog ought to know how to find Hard Shell Word Factory,, and check on my books -- Jane Bierce is my real/writing name.

If you are a guy, you might think you wouldn't be interested in one of my books. But there are two you might enjoy--ONCE AGAIN A PRINCESS, has a lot of world politics in it, and TIME OF POSSESSION, which is about a football player and a gal sports reporter. Honest, it's probably the best book I've written.

Then there are three other books, FINISHING TOUCH, DEARLY BELOVED, and COLD NIGHT BEAUTY. They cute, short, summer-type reading. Well, maybe they do have some serious thought behind them, but you can easily ignore social justice issues and enjoy the stories.


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