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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My New Toy

Yesterday I bought a new toy. Now, the last new toy I bought was very expensive. This one was not. Both were sewing machines. The new one does a fraction of what the older one does -- but that is fine with me. I'm hoping to use it to quilt. But it might not work for that. No problem -- I have a granddaughter who will be going off to college and will need something to sew with. (Her mother made spare change repairing zippers and mending precious pairs of jeans.)

So what is my first project on this little guy? I'm making a nightgown. It's like this. I embroidered the yoke for it, then made the skirt. Then I put both pieces away -- obviously in separate places at different times. Now I can find the yoke but not the skirt. Looked high and low, in's around here somewhere, but I don't know where. And I need the nightgown. So I've made a new skirt. When the other one shows up, I'll make a new yoke. No problem there. And I'll have two nightgowns, whereas now I'm wearing sweat shirts and sweat pants. It's summer -- time for muslin!


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