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Friday, August 05, 2005

Doing Our Bit For World Peace

Yesterday we were invaded by a bunch -- and that is about the best way to describe it -- motley attired mostly vegetarian bicycle riding peacenik Quakers. The are riding from Asheville, NC to Oak Ridge, TN to take part in the commemmoration of the bombing of Hiroshima sixty years ago.

We get into things like this because of our daughter Lyn who never heard of a cause she couldn't get behind. But she wasn't even one of the riders -- she just pointed the organizers in our direction. Which was good, because we were right on their way.

My husband and I cooked for two days, cleaned and straightened things up --and waited -- and waited...part of the group got separated from the others. Thank God for cellphones. Anyway, they came, they ate, they pitched tents to sleep outside. (Hey, last night it was a good choice!) They ate some more, packed up the support van, and headed out at the crack of 9:15.

We wish them traveling mercies. They were a great group!


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