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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I Love Having Written

Today we dispatched the files for BUILDING PASSION to my publisher. Sine the book had been published twenty-two years ago, publishing is pretty certain.

So I am enjoying a day of "having written." This is the time that has a wonderful hollow feeling, the day between projects when I can let my mind wander forward and backward and do something totally "unwriting." I can do some sewing. I could have done some gardening had it not been so muggy out. I played some computer games without guilt.

The guilt starts again tomorrow, when I have to sit here at the computer, open an ole file and carry on from where I left off. In a way there is pressure, but there is almost the feeling of meeting an old friend for coffee and pie in some out-of-the-way coffee shop.

The sewing can wait for the tag-ends of the day, the gardening will get done sometime, but I will be working once more toward the feeling of Haivng written.


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