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Thursday, August 11, 2005

I Stacked and Whacked...

There is a technique of cutting pieces of fabric and sewing them back together that is called Stack and Whack, and I did some as a reward to getting my book out of the house.

You take a fabric that is a large print with some movement to it, then you study it for the repeats, and cut it precisely in strips so they are all the same -- oversimplification, but you probably don't want to do this anyway. Or maybe you already know how. Loud fabric is often, but not always, great for this.

I had a piece of fabric, about a yard, with pink and purple irises on it. The use for which I was purchased was either satisfied another way, or forgotten, and it was just lying there.

It made 16 six-segment blocks that look like what you see when you look through a kaleidoscope. I put them up on my sticky wall and from a distance--namely my computer chair, they look like the headboard for a single bed.

Our bed is a queen-size, but it doesn't have a headboard...oh, am I getting ideas!


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