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Friday, December 09, 2005


Faithful readers who read yesterday's blog will have some background applicable to today's meditation. Let me tell you that the room in which I am now sitting (our dining room, my office and my sewing room) is the original part of the house. It's fifteen feet by fifteen feet -- the builders obviously had a sixteen foot rule which was well made as all the rooms are the same basic size, whether built in the 1870's or 1900. You can't get tools like that any more!

But I digress. The room has not yet suffered any attempt at neatness. The ironing board is between the dining table and my fabric stash cupboard. My sewing table has several layers of projects on it. In all this mess, I could not find the pattern for the little girl's dress I am making, nor necessary additional fabric for finishing details. Luckily, when searching for the pattern, I remembered a noise I had heard yesterday afternoon -- the rustling of paper -- and, yes, the pattern had slithered into the corner under the sewing table, probably looking for a hiding place. The fabric had crept under some wandering items displaced when the deacon's bench was dispatched to the living room where it belongs.

Sigh! Back to gathering stitches and blind hemming.


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