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Monday, November 21, 2005

Feed Them and They Will Come Back!

Saturday was our little church's annual attempt to feed the immediate county a Thanksgiving dinner. This is about the sixth time we've done it, and it grows every year. Although we accept donations, we don't charge anyone for the meal, whether it is delivered or eaten at the church.

It started with the traditional potato-paring party at 9 in the morning, and went on through the ingathering of home-roasted turkeys and dressing, rolls, green beans, cranberry sauce and coleslaw being delivered to the dinky church kitchen.

Scads of pumpkin pies, cakes, cookies and other desserts being brought in to be cut and packaged to go out in the 288 meals to go out in about ten cars and trucks to be delivered. The remaining cakes, pies and (oh, I'm making myself hungry--)-- well, they were placed on a long table for the people who came to eat in the church meeting hall.

We fed about 70 people in the church itself. Again this year, even though we roasted 21 turkeys, we ran out! The remaining potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, green beans, coleslaw, cranberries, etc, including all the cakes and pies left over, were taken to a local shelter for families without homes, where it was well-received. None of it went to waste!

This past year, our congregation grew by 16 members. Yesterday at morning service, six people appeared who have never come to our church before for worship. Perhaps they will join the 50 active members of our congregation in the months to come.

If you read this and are so inclined, pray for us to get a larger kitchen -- after we get our new roof.


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