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Monday, December 05, 2005

A Touch of Winter

I was raised in Northwestern Pennsylvania where the winters tend to come early and stay late. And I've lived in Florida, where winter is pretty namby-pamby. Except for the year the pump exploded and the horse died, but let's not get into that.

Here in Tennessee, we're at elevation, out in the country. Out temperatures generally run a little colder than Knoxville's -- the nearest big city. We don't have all that pavement to keep us warm. But what gets me is that everyone gets bent out of shape over a temperature that is lower the 35, and start chewing their nails if there is snow in Kentucky.

Come on, Tennessee! Buck up! You don't know what it is to have the snow start on November 1st and not see ground again until Easter. You don't know what two straight days of minus-36 degrees does to what little epidermis you dare to expose to the elements.

Then again -- I'd like to forget that. So long as I have running water, I'm a happy camper. Any day I can go out and get the mail in my sneakers is a good day.


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