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Thursday, December 08, 2005

What We Did This Afternoon

It has long been a maxim in this house that to err is human, to really foul up takes a computer. To this I am adding "To totally disarrange your whole house takes a new piece of computer equipment."

I've had a new printer sitting in the dining room/office/sewing room for several weeks. I got it for free -- what's the rush? The factors mitigating against installing it were of the furniture kind. What to put it on? About the time the printer arrived, the old hutch (acquired second hand with first TRS Model III back in '84) was falling apart. Husband was given a smaller hutch, which in itself necessitated a total rearrangement of my work area, but there was still not enough room for the new printer in the configuration...not a problem as son's computer had an adequate printer and there is, of course, email!

Husband dragged home another piece of donated equipment suitable for the printer. Life should have been easy. You are now laughing, because you know that it isn't!

To install the printer involved -- not necessarily in chronological order -- moving five dining room chairs which have been stashed around the house as a Christmas gift for our daughter, one deacon's bench, one quilt rack, and one bookcase overloaded with the family's irreplaceable collection of telephone directories. In this same operation, but irrelevant to the actual installation of the printer, a missing power strip was found, which led to a rearrangement of some other equipment not necessary, but helpful. The power strip in use for the computer had to be relocated, making it necessary to re-establish the tangle behind the hutch. That was fun!

Guess what! The first message from the printer was that it wanted more RAM. I have only 127 whatchamacallits and it wanted 128. But the printer works anyway!

It was an afternoon well spent.


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