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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The W-M Experience

I spent much too much time in (dare I say it!) WalMart today. I semi-boycott the place, for some very cogent reasons--like treatment of employees and stifling of local businesses when they move in. But there are some reasons why I have to go there. They carry fancy teas and alfredo sauce. Besides that, they are the only place in the county where I can get thread, buttons and the occasional package of sewing needles.

When we went there today, husband stopped to give them a couple of pairs of old eye glasses, and unbeknownst to me (I'd already left for the fabric department) he intended to get his eyes examined. I chose my thread and buttons -- they were right beside each other, which is good placement, but doesn't really help my cabin fever all that much -- and cruised around to check out what else they had, expecting that husband had gone in the other direction to get the aflredo sauce and the fancy tea. (You should have guessed by now that we are creatures of habit.)

When people started looking at me funny, I went to see if he was in the grocery part of the store. He was not. Nor was he checking his blood pressure. I returned to the fabric department. Then I went looking for him again. And returned to the fabric department.....

An hour later he came strolling a bit gingerly down the aisle, dark plastic glasses on -- and no alfredo sauce or fancy tea. He wondered why I was a bit perturbed.

It was a good thing he had coupons for the tea. That was the bright point of the experience.


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