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Friday, November 12, 2004

A Writer Writing About Writing

Yes, I'm a writer. I write sweet romances, generally. These with the period between first meetings and realization of commitment. That's about as much of the situation as I can deal with.

I wrote a book once, Come Home to Love, which dealt with a married pair who were separated, but that was for a specific line of romances for and about mature women. Other than that -- first meetings, angst, committment. The only time I add something is if the word count doesn't fill the pages of the standard print book ... and I hate having to fill three more pages. Let's not go there. It's one of the reasons I prefer writing for electronic publication.

But I am working on a book. It has nothing to do with this being the month that people are supposed to write a novel. That doesn't work for me. I can't write a book like that. I need time to cogitate, research, comtemplate, procrastinate. So quilting, gardening, making chili -- it all gives me time to gather bits of reality to make into the fantasy that is a novel.

So maybe I'll go work on my novel. And maybe not.


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