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Friday, December 03, 2004

Am I Allowed to Take Friday Off?

I promise I'll write in my blog tomorrow. Well, maybe I should just expound on what has me in a dither. My husband made apple bread yesterday -- oh, it smells great when it's baking. His recipe makes two loaves. He planned to send one to my second cousin, who was stationed in Mosul, and one to my publisher's son, who is stationed in Afghanistan.

Well, my husband noticed that my second cousin was expected to be rotated home in November. So through a round-about way, I called my cousin, his aunt, to verify the address, etc. Well, he is "home" in Washington state and will be "home" in Pennsylvania in two weeks. He was hurt on his tour of duty, will have to have surgery, but I am so happy he will be home during Christmas time.

Now, to check up on the other young man...


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