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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Writing is Hard Work

And copying an old project is worse yet. You know what I would rather do than tackle Chapter Two of BUILDING PASSION? I'd rather clean out and organize my quilting stash cupboard. Now, that is a comparison for you -- a real eye-opener.

I'd rather lift plastic boxes of fabric, cram loose pieces where they might or might not logically fit and cramp as much stuff into the cupboard as it will hold.

I'd rather sort through unfinished projects than copy my book...not that I have any motivation to finish the projects. At last count I think I had ten quilt tops that need to be finished. At least. Then there are a lot of little things that need attention.

The ultimate in depths I have sunk to -- I'd rather make a pot of stew for dinner. And I hatehatehate to cook.

But that's how it is.


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