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Monday, December 06, 2004

I Can Get Passionate!

As I said before, I'm retyping my first book, BUILDING PASSION so that it can be released electronically.

Now, anytime anyone thinks about books these days, they think Amazon or e-bay. I've looked up my books on Amazon before. You can get any of my books there -- print, electronic, and Linda Dano's tape of A DIFFERENT KIND OF LOVE.

So I went looking for BUILDING PASSION. You can get it for $0.01 -- which is probably a bargain. On the other end of the scale there was a copy for $350! Yes, you saw that right -- no decimal point! And I'm not getting a penny out of the deal, if one is made. I got a stinking $0.08 for that book, maybe $0.09 after I hit the 100,000-copies-sold mark.

Hey, I've got a couple of pretty good copies of BUILDING PASSION on my shelf. If you'd pay me $350, I'd come to your house and hand-deliver it!



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Hi, I just wanted to let you know that you are today's blog of the day. You can see your link at
Keep on writing!!

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