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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A Few Bright Spots on a Dull Day

First of all -- Happy Birthday, Geneva Grace!

On another note, I accosted a woman in the "used" bread store when I saw the jacket she was wering. It was a "log cabin" block pattern with some exotic Japanese fabrics. Now, I could make a jacket like it, using purchased cloth foundation pieces which I already have, but she put her fabrics on the batting so that the lining could ride free. Oh, this gave us a lot to talk about! And to think about...

Yet another thing that has brightened my day is that my husband has a new interest -- repairing the spinning wheel (see yesterday's entry). We've looked in
What's What?, that wonderful book all writers need to have, and Googled it.
Well, he's engaged in something other than fixing up his Ford truck and cleaning up the yard. That is a good thing.


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