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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Back to WORK!

I've gone back to the keyboard to work on a book. The thing is, this book is BUILDING PASSION, the first book I ever had published. It was released as #15 in the Harlequin American Romances line back in July of 1983. I've had the rights back for a while, and I'm hoping to have an electronic publisher re-release the book.

Did you notice the date? Do you realize that was before many people had computers in their homes? It was ancient history, as we view it today. BUILDING PASSION was typed out, word by painful word, onto paper by an office-sized Smith Corona Electric typewriter. It made a lot of noise and it was bulky. That was when "cut and paste" was really "cut and paste"!

When I finished the last draft of my book to send the manuscript to the publisher (on spec), it took me a whole month to type the clean copy. Now, if I want a copy of a manuscript in paper, it takes maybe an hour to run it off. But generally, I just email a file of the manuscript to the electronic publisher. No ton of paper, no horrendous postage, no chance it will be maimed, spindled and mutilated in transit. If it gets lost, I simply email another copy of the file.

But I have to retype every word from the print copy now...So help me it will be the last time. When I got my first big royalty check in April of '84, I got a computer. I've upgraded several times, but I have never looked back with any nostalgia at the "good old days".


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