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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Get the Picture?

I took pictures of my irises, peonies and lettuce today with our digital camera today. Some of them didn't turn out very well, but there were a couple of spectacular shots. Two beautiful yellow iris pictures were worth cropping and maybe showing to other people.

Digital photography is a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful development. One of the biggest disappoints for photographers is not being able to replace an irreplaceable shot. Or not knowing that the cover was on the lens, or that your finger was in front of the camera. Or having to wait to get the pictures. Or forgetting to have them processed. Or double-exposing a whole roll and getting nothing on another.

But there is still no way to go back in time to get the shot you really, really missed. I think I want someone to work on that!


Blogger charles blunt said...

I love digital cameras .I think you should post some of your pictures on your blog.

5:13 PM  

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